About Amy

I worked with thousands of the world’s best startup founders as Y Combinator’s first Batch Director and only embedded Founder Coach. Before I joined YC, I became a licensed psychotherapist and saw clients in private practice in San Francisco (CA LMFT #125743). Since leaving YC in Jan 2019, I’ve worked with over 600 founding teams.


No one else in the world can match my breadth and depth when it comes to founder psychology and the [dis]organization of high-growth startups. I work with founders post-seed through post-acquisition whose headcounts range from 7 to over 800.


Email meamy@thefoundercoach.com. Please include your company name, batch, and tell me how I can help you.

YC Founders: In 2022, I’m launching resources that will help you scale. Access them by clicking the ‘Get Support’ tab – and email me if what you need help with isn’t covered.