Amy has made a deep impact on me both personally and professionally. I see real, measurable impact on my day-to-day performance as a founder: from how I manage my anxiety and fear, to how I can better trust and enable my team. I especially value the actionable advice Amy provides that I can immediately put into practice like verbiage to use in difficult conversations, mental wellness exercises, or improved structure for my 1-on-1s. Her impact is measured not only in my improved mental health and logical clarity, but also in the happiness and productivity of my entire company who directly benefit from my improved management and leadership.

Esteban Castaño, CEO, TRM Labs (YC S19)

Amy provides enormous value. Our work provides me with insight into how I can be most impactful as a leader, both strategically and emotionally. Amy helps me bring rational order to the constant barrage of complex novel situations, and the the everchanging thoughts and feelings that come from running my startup. Amy empowers me to grow and pushes me to navigate in a sea of perpetual uncertainty by helping me understand when to trust my instincts, how feelings influence my reactions, and how to land the outcomes I want for myself and my company.

Steve Kirkham, CEO, Berbix (YC S18)

There's simply no way to be a good CEO without first understanding yourself. And to really understand yourself, you need a way to regularly process your feelings, reactions, and thoughts. Amy provides that accountability.

Jonah Greenberger, CEO, Bright (YC W15)

Looking back on the past 2+ years, Amy's founder communication workshops at YC were extremely valuable and it's now clear to me how important founder communication skills are to running a successful company. The importance of founder communication cannot be overstated.

George Tall, CEO, lvl5 (YC W17)

Not only is Amy a trained professional, she is profoundly clued into startup relationship dynamics as former Batch Director for YC. Two years in, we still use communication tools she equipped us with during one single presentation at the beginning of YC.

Ed Cibor, CMO, Forever Labs (YC S17)

I now see my life as existing in two halves: Pre-Amy’s workshop, and Post-Amy’s workshop.

Michael Seibel, CEO of Y Combinator

I felt overwhelmed when our product started growing and my anxiety and stress prevented me from being able to think through next steps. In just one session Amy helped me define and name my feelings, and translate that into a time management exercise that’s empowered me to work in absolute flow since then. Despite my workload growing exponentially, I no longer feel any anxiety and refer back to the conversation Amy and I had to guide my focus, time, and energy.

Ivan Zhou, CEO, Mayhem (YC W18)

Amy's talk on founder communication contained one of the top 4 unexpected lessons for us during YC. We learned that it’s easy to mistake the quantity of conversation with the quality of conversation. Very often the most important things remain unsaid and relationship debt accumulates.

Daryna Kulya, CEO, OpenPhone (YC S18)