How I Help

You can think of me as part-therapist, part management trainer, and part organizational design/process consultant for founders post-seed through post-acquisition.

My clients and I focus on following areas, often simultaneously (I promise it’s fun):

Psychological Consultation

  • Provide deep emotional and interpersonal support (without any agenda or incentive other than to just listen).
  • Help founders to identify, understand, experience, and effectively manage their emotions.
  • Teach founders how to effectively incorporate appropriate emotion (fear, frustration) into management and strategy decisions.
  • Share how founders typically experience anxiety, depression, burnout, stress, failure, insecurity, and exhaustion to help you feel normal.
  • Guide founders in analyzing and redefining deeply-held beliefs and values as related to issues of motivation, burnout, performance, and purpose. Brainstorm plans of action in alignment with updated schema and client’s stated goals.

Strategy and Organizational Design Consultation

  • Advise on the organizational and process changes needed to resolve short- and long-term functional breakdowns by redefining roles and responsibilities, defining founders’ priorities, implementing effective meeting schedules, developing internal processes that enable critical collaboration, reorganizing management structure, adjusting hiring plans, or shifting product timelines.
  • Empower founders to move quickly in making ambiguous and highly consequential decisions in areas like hiring, firing, fundraising, product development, and management by identifying gaps of knowledge, normalizing uncertainty, providing or creating additional resources, and scenario-building to de-risk potential fallout.
  • Consult on changes to process and structure that yield the biggest impact and use the fewest resources by applying agile/lean startup methodologies to the organizational design of a rapidly-growing startup.

Leadership and Management Consultation

  • Teach management skills to ensure founders maintain a high-performance, outcomes-driven culture from when they hire their first employee through hiring and retaining an exec team/board (e.g. goal-setting, public speaking, prioritization, delegation, delivering effective feedback, implementing effective meetings, introducing org-wide accountability practices, etc.).
  • Guide founders in defining, communicating, and modeling their leadership style, company values, mission statement, vision, and culture to align their companies around shared company norms.
  • Lead founders in scripting and delivering emotionally sensitive and strategically complex communications to a variety of stakeholders to ensure clarity, impact, and humanity (e.g. when making layoffs, shuttering a product, holding key stakeholders like a cofounder or board member accountable, resetting cultural expectations, or redefining a companywide metric that impacts their strategic direction).