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A rapidly-growing startup forces founders to scale themselves in three dimensions simultaneously. My work supports founders as they learn to:

  • Scale the Self: I support founders in developing self awareness, emotional intelligence, and the skills that help them manage the intense emotions they feel as they run a startup. I also help founders develop new cognitive frameworks and ways of thinking to accommodate the challenges their startup presents.
  • Scale Relationships. I support founders in learning to effectively and authentically communicate with, manage, align, and coordinate other people – like their cofounder, c-suite, team, and/or board.
  • Building Process and Culture. I support founders in identifying a need for, then developing and iterating on the internal process and culture that result in a healthy, high-performance team aligned around their startup’s vision, mission, values, and growth.

I work closely with each founder to tailor effective, powerful, and efficient engagements specific to them, their company, and their goals. I meet with my clients once weekly because that cadence works best for the intensity of my style and the quick clip of founders’ lives.

My pricing is dynamic and my engagements don’t have a termination clause or minimum length. Many clients engage for a period of time, take a break for a quarter or two to execute on what they’ve learned, then re-engage at their next inflection point.

I see founders post-seed through post-acquisition whose companies have headcounts from 5-800+. I’ve designed my work to scale with you.