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Here’s what I focus on. I work closely with each founder to tailor effective, powerful, and efficient engagements specific to them, their company, and their goals. I meet with my clients once weekly because that cadence works best for the intensity of my style and the quick clip of founders’ lives.

My pricing is dynamic and my engagements don’t have a termination clause or minimum length. Many clients engage for a period of time, take a break for a quarter or two to execute on what they’ve learned, then re-engage at their next inflection point.

I see founders post-seed through post-acquisition whose companies have headcounts from 5-800+. I’ve designed my work to scale with you.

About Amy

I worked with thousands of the world’s best startup founders as Y Combinator’s first Batch Director and only embedded Founder Coach. Before I joined YC, I trained as a psychotherapist and saw clients in private practice in San Francisco (CA LMFT #125743).


No one else in the world can match my breadth and depth when it comes to founder psychology and the [dis]organization of high-growth startups.

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