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Startups force founders to scale themselves in three dimensions simultaneously.

I support founders as they learn to:

  • Scale the Self: I support founders in developing self awareness, emotional intelligence, and the skills that help them manage the intense emotions they feel as they run a startup. I also help founders develop new cognitive frameworks and ways of thinking to accommodate the challenges their startup presents.
  • Scale Relationships. I support founders in learning to effectively and authentically communicate with, manage, align, and coordinate other people – like their cofounder, c-suite, team, and/or board.
  • Building Process and Culture (after achieving PMF). I support founders in identifying a need for, then developing and iterating on the internal process and culture that result in a healthy, high-performance team aligned around their startup’s vision, mission, values, and growth.

We’ll be a good fit if you’re struggling in every one of the above dimensions. This usually happens just before or just after a Series A.

My pricing is dynamic and my engagements don’t have a termination clause or minimum length. My work is designed to scale with you – the complexity of our conversations will change to match the increasing complexity of your problems. I’m committed to seeing my clients through to IPO so long as we both believe I can support you in doing so.

Email Please include your company name, batch, and tell me how I can help you.